Elevating Luxury in the Textile Industry through
Innovative Design and Branding

In the dynamic and competitive textile industry, innovation and creative differentiation are crucial for success. This case study explores how PEPERSALT Design consultancy partnered with a highly luxurious professional textile manufacturer and exporter to conceptualise and develop visual branding, packaging, marketing collaterals, an editorial ad campaign, and a website for their new venture, Relaxology. Our aim was to position Relaxology as a luxury wellness bedding brand based in New York City, while also creating unique secondary brands, Cannabedding and Thymol, as distinct SKUs.


Overcoming the Design and Branding Challenges in Launching Relaxology and Its Secondary Brands

PEPERSALTs’ challenge was to support the professional textile manufacturer and exporter in launching their new venture, Relaxology, by developing a visually appealing and luxurious brand identity. Furthermore, we needed to create secondary brands, Cannabedding and Thymol, that would stand out in the market while maintaining a cohesive overall brand image. The objective was to capture the attention of discerning customers and position Relaxology as a premium choice in the luxury wellness bedding sector.


Crafting a Luxurious Visual Identity and Brand Strategy

To address the challenge, PEPERSALT Design meticulously crafted a comprehensive branding strategy for Relaxology and its secondary brands. We began by selecting midnight blue as the primary mother brand colour to evoke a sense of elegance, tranquility, and sophistication. This colour was carried across all three brands, ensuring visual consistency and brand recognition. For differentiation, we integrated pale turquoise as the secondary primary colour for Cannabedding and pale purple for Thymol, adding a touch of uniqueness to each brand.

In terms of typography, we chose a combination of san serif and serif fonts to convey a balance between modernity and classic sophistication, reflecting the essence of Relaxology and its secondary brands. The visual elements we incorporated, inspired by leaves, symbolize nature, relaxation, and the organic qualities of the products.

Through a mix of Above-the-Line (ATL) and Below-the-Line (BTL) campaigns, Gopalan Enterprises aimed to engage customers at every property location. The ATL campaign encompassed various advertising channels, including print, television, and digital media, to reach a wider audience. Simultaneously, BTL campaigns focused on personalised interactions and events, fostering a sense of community among Gopalan’s privileged customers.


Exceeding Expectations –
Successful Launch and Market Response

The results of our collaboration were exceptional. The visual branding, packaging, marketing collaterals, editorial ad campaign, and website we developed perfectly captured the luxurious and wellness-focused essence of Relaxology. The design elements, colors, and fonts all worked harmoniously to create a cohesive and visually striking brand identity. Cannabedding and Thymol also achieved their objective of standing out as unique SKUs within the Relaxology brand portfolio.

The launch of Relaxology, Cannabedding, and Thymol garnered significant attention and positive feedback from customers and industry experts alike. The brand’s elegant and distinctive image resonated with the target audience, attracting a loyal customer base seeking luxury and wellness in their bedding choices. Sales soared, establishing Relaxology as a leading player in the luxury wellness bedding market.

In conclusion, our partnership with the professional textile manufacturer and exporter resulted in the successful launch of Relaxology, Cannabedding, and Thymol. Through meticulous design and branding, we established Relaxology as the epitome of luxury in the textile industry, capturing the essence of wellness and sophistication. The market response has been exceptional, with a loyal customer base and elevated brand recognition. Our innovative approach and commitment to excellence have shaped the future of the industry, setting new standards for creative design.

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