Driving Connectivity:
Collaborative Brand Activation for
Shuttle Services at Park Square Mall

Park Square Mall, a flagship property of Ascendas Singbridge Group, is a highly professional shopping mall situated within a bustling business space. As a sustainable urban and business space solutions provider in Asia, Ascendas Singbridge Group aims to enhance the overall experience for professionals working in the vicinity. This case study delves into the collaboration between Park Square Mall’s marketing team and PEPERSALT Design team to develop a brand activation visual communication strategy for a shuttle service, aimed at providing convenient transportation options for business space occupants.


Addressing Commuting Challenges:
Enhancing Connectivity

The task at hand was to address the commuting challenges faced by professionals working in the business space near Park Square Mall. The distance between the business space and the mall often resulted in inconvenience and stress for these individuals, impacting their overall experience and satisfaction. The challenge was to find a creative solution that would effectively communicate the availability and benefits of the shuttle service, encouraging its usage and enhancing connectivity between the business space and the mall.


Collaborative Brand Activation Visual Communication Strategy

To tackle this challenge, PEPERSALT team at Park Square Mall collaborated closely with the marketing team. We devised a comprehensive brand activation visual communication strategy that aimed to highlight the convenience, comfort, and efficiency of the shuttle service. The solution involved the following key elements:

a) Visual Branding: A visually striking activation identity with cohesive branding, design was developed for the shuttle service, incorporating the Park Square Mall’s logo with Ascendas Singbridge Group’s logo and brand colours to establish a strong association with Park Square Mall.

b) Signage and Way-finding: Clear and informative signage was strategically placed within the business space, guiding professionals to the designated shuttle pick-up points. Way-finding elements were designed to be visually appealing and easily recognisable, ensuring seamless navigation.

c) Digital Marketing Campaign: A targeted digital marketing campaign was launched to create awareness about the shuttle service among professionals working in the business space. Engaging visuals, informative content, and user-friendly interfaces were employed across various digital platforms to maximize reach and engagement.

d) Collaborative Events: Joint events were organized with the business space occupants to promote the shuttle service. These events fostered a sense of community and collaboration while showcasing the convenience and benefits of utilising the shuttle service.


Driving Success: Achievements and Impact

The collaborative brand activation visual communication strategy for the shuttle service yielded remarkable results. The results included:

a) Increased Awareness: The digital marketing campaign successfully generated awareness among professionals in the business space, resulting in a significant increase in shuttle service inquiries.

b) Enhanced Utilization: The availability and convenience of the shuttle service led to a substantial rise in its utilization, with a growing number of professionals opting for this stress-free commuting option.

c) Improved Connectivity: The shuttle service not only eased the commute for professionals but also fostered stronger connections between the business space and Park Square Mall. This resulted in increased footfall and customer satisfaction at the mall.

Through a collaborative effort between Park Square Mall’s design consultancy team and marketing team, a highly effective brand activation visual communication strategy was developed for the shuttle service. The strategy successfully addressed the challenge of commuting for professionals working in the business space, resulting in increased awareness, enhanced utilisation, and improved connectivity. By prioritising the needs of their target audience, Park Square Mall exemplified its commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions while further establishing itself as a leader in the industry.

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