Gooeylty Brownies

An indulgence brand that handcrafts gooey molten chocolate baked brownies.


The scrumptious brownies that will have you screaming for more.  An ambitious sweet treat chain who realised the potential for desserts and sweet treats wanted to operate through the cloud-based kitchen formats. The objective of the brand was to start off with a Patisserie i.e to serve exclusive Brownies and eventually extend serving Gelato.

The brand aspiration was to serve classic, rich and delicious desserts to their potential customers’ doorstep by partnering with food delivery aggregators.

Our task was to generate a brand naming strategy and brand identity to help deliver the brand vision.


Desserts and sweet treats have always been snuggled and inspired into deepest desirable to indulge with, after every meal. Desserts play a prime role in our memories and emotions. We created a naming strategy that evolved around “expressing effusively and emotionally”. The GOOYE aspect of the final product wile camouflaged with GUILTY – a feeling of missing out, emerged out as GOOEYLTY.

The name GOOEYLTY was further extended in developing a brand identity and structural packaging.

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