Forever New Fashion Chain of Retail Stores:
Revolutionising the Indian Fashion Apparel Space
Through Design Innovation and Collaboration

Forever New, a highly luxurious professional Australian brand, made a bold move by entering the Indian fashion apparel space. Recognising the need to adapt their design elements, including signages, visual communications, and marketing materials, across their 35+ stores nationwide, Forever New partnered with PEPERSALT Design. This case study delves into the collaborative journey, by showcasing how their joint efforts ensured a seamless extension of design adaptations, while adhering to the brand’s existing guidelines.


Localizing Brand Identity while
Preserving Luxury and Professionalism

Forever New faced the challenge of localising their brand identity in India while preserving the essence of their luxurious and professional image. They needed a comprehensive solution that would not only meet their design adaptation requirements but also align with their existing brand guidelines. Additionally, the project team had to ensure consistency across all stores, guaranteeing a harmonious customer experience.


Design Innovation and Collaboration:
Crafting a Seamless Design Adaptation Strategy

To tackle this challenge, Forever New engaged the expertise of PEPERSALT Design. We worked closely with the project team to understand the brand’s vision, values, and aesthetic preferences. By leveraging their divergent creative industry knowledge, PEPERSALT developed a comprehensive design strategy that encompassed signages, visual communications, and marketing materials.

We facilitated a collaborative process involving designers, finishing artists, and retail execution specialists to adapt Forever New’s design elements to the Indian market. They meticulously extended design language that combined the brand’s global identity with local Indian nuances, resonating with the target audience while maintaining a luxurious appeal.


Exceptional Localisation:
Embracing Indian Fashion Culture and
Amplifying Brand Presence

Through the collaborative efforts between Forever New and PEPERSALT, the design adaptation project was successfully executed across all 35+ Forever New stores in India. The signages, visual communications, and marketing materials reflected the brand’s ethos while capturing the essence of Indian fashion culture. The results were exceptional, with customers embracing the newly localised design elements and appreciating the attention to detail and craftsmanship that Forever New epitomises.

Forever New’s foray into the Indian fashion apparel space marked a significant milestone for the brand. Through their partnership with PEPERSALT Design, they not only conquered the challenge of design adaptation but also elevated their brand presence in the Indian market. The collaboration exemplified the power of divergent creative thinking and the value of a well-executed design strategy. Forever New now stands as a testament to the successful fusion of international luxury and local cultural aesthetics, making a lasting impact in the hearts and wardrobes of Indian fashion enthusiasts.

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