Designing a Brand Extension:
PEPERSALT Design and Coffee Day Xpress

Coffee Day Xpress is a leading coffee brand known for its on-the-go food and beverages kiosks located at various convenient locations. The brand has a unique identity that resonates with its customers. In this case study, we explore how PEPERSALT Design, collaborated with the Coffee Day Xpress team to extend its brand identity to its various kiosks and outlets.


Extending Brand Identity to Coffee Day Xpress Outlets

Coffee Day Xpress needed to ensure that its brand identity was extended to all its outlets across the nation. The challenge was to adapt the brand identity look and feel of the mother brand to the Coffee Day Xpress identity design. This included brand logo, identity, packaging, menu card, uniform design, wall graphics, marketing communications, product visuals, setting up brand guidelines, and menu panel.


Collaborative Approach and Design Adaptation

PEPERSALT collaborated closely with the brand team and projects team to ensure that the brand identity was adapted and extended to all the outlets. This involved creating a consistent design across all touch-points, including signages, visual communications, and marketing communications. The design team worked on creating a seamless brand identity that was adapted to the unique requirements of each outlet location.


Seamless Brand Identity Across 90+ Stores

The collaboration between PS and Coffee Day Xpress resulted in a successful extension of the brand identity to all its outlets. The brand guidelines were followed, and the design was adapted to each outlet’s unique requirements. The result was a seamless brand identity across 90+ stores nationwide, creating a strong brand presence for Coffee Day Xpress.

The collaboration between PS and Coffee Day Xpress showcases the importance of a well-executed brand extension. By adapting the brand identity to the unique requirements of each outlet location, the brand was able to create a consistent and seamless identity across all its touch-points. The result was a strong brand presence that resonated with its customers, ultimately leading to business success.

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